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This site is all about how to become a Life Healer sharing effective techniques and philosophies to positively help people quickly and effectively and run your own Life Healing Workshops. Many come for their own personal development or to add some tools to their therapy or alternative practice toolbox. You can find the information you need by clicking on the menu items on the left hand side of the page, but for ease of new visitors I have put some guiding links below.

Life Healing Teacher Training

If you are interested in becoming a Life Healer, helping others to have a happy, healthy, prosperous life then take a good look around this site. This is the place to be.Life Healing Teacher Training page.


 Life Healing Workshops

If you are looking for a transformational "Life Healing" Workshop then please follow this link - Life Healing Workshops


 The Philosophies behind Life Healing

The workshops and training are based on the principles of the following:- Thomas Troward, Ernest Holmes, Frederick Bailles, Louise Hay, Virginia Satir, Lise Bourbeau, Carolyn Myss, Florence Scovel Shinn and the teachings of Abraham. It incorporates the most effective techniques from a range of individuals because no one person has all the answers, although the essence of all their philosophies have been known, forgotten, remembered and reinvented for centuries. Each person brings something new and creative to the party and this Teacher Training Programme is continually updated to incorporate new thinking and creativity but only using techniques that have been tested and found effective. We are also passionate about new teachers bringing their gifts into the mix. More on the Life Healing Phiilosophy


Life Healer Resources

If you are looking for Life Healer Teacher resources then follow this link - Life Healing Teacher Resources



 Page for visiting Teachers

  If you work in any way sharing your gifts to assist others and are just visiting here then please come to my Visiting Teachers page.