Gillian Bowles Life Healer
Gillian Bowles Life Healer

Gillian Founder of Life Healing™

Gillian is a highly motivated and caring person,  who, having experienced transformation in her own life including the healing of her own body, now seeks to provide the same opportunity to others. Her background in business and her belief in the philosophy popularised by Louise Hay means that she brings a refreshingly no-nonsense blend of the spiritual and the practical to her courses. As a Life Healer she chooses to bring the most up to date and effective healing tools and techniques to those who need them.



  MBA - Masters Degree in International Business


Other Training

  • Enterprise Agency Directors course
  • Investor in People Advisor
  • Certified Louise Hay Workshop Leader 1999 *
  • Certified Louise Hay Advanced Teacher 2000 *
  • Certified Breath-work Trainer 2005
  • Certified Workshop Leader for Heart inspired Presentations 2007
  • Certified Hypnotherapist 2013

* both certificates signed by Louise L.Hay personally.

Career Background

Before completing her MBA at university, Gillian had developed a successful property business.


Gillian and Prince Charles
Gillian with Prince Charles

Gillian was a member of the Princes Youth Business trust Loans Panel

Alongside her property interests she developed a career helping others to succeed in business. Working with local government bodies and international companies she made things happen. She founded and managed the Cardiff Young Business Center and was the local manager of the of the Shell Enterprise Loan Fund. She was involved in attracting the Shell "Livewire" scheme to Wales, a scheme designed to assist young entrepreneurs to get started. She coordinated this scheme for Wales for several years. She was also a member of the Princes Youth Business trust Loans Panel, a scheme run by the Prince of Wales to assist young people in business.


from there she moved to the Welsh Development Agency - North America Team. Attracting US based international companies to Wales.

By 1990 Gillians management skills were in high demand and she increasingly took on Management consultancy work helping with Government Programme evaluations and medium to large size companies.

Most recent

Life Healing and Mind/Body Workshops and Teacher Training Courses 1999 and ongoing. 

Producer of Healing resource CDs & materials. Creation and production of "Heal Your Life" CD and "Heartfelt Affirmations to release the Past" CD.

Provider of private Womens training in Kuwait 2007-2008 (ongoing)


Cure Fibroids Naturally - I did it you can Too!. Heartfelt Publications  -  ISBN 978-0-9558917-0-0.

Healing Inside Out.  Heartfelt Publications 2009   ISBN 978-0-9558917-2-4

Fibroids the Unspoken Secrets - Kindle Edition

Release & Heal CD

Production of complete range of Hynosis Downloads