Frequently Asked Questions

In this Frequently Asked Questions section we answer the most common questions asked.

Following the Teacher Training you have several options open to you to increase your income:

1. Run workshops, courses or sessions. If you attract say 10 participants on your first workshop you will have already recouped your training fee. After that apart from the expenses associated with running workshops you will be in profit. You can run them on weekends and evenings allowing you to continue other work until you find your feet.

2. Diversify, add the techniques to your existing practice or offer them as an extension of your services.

No. There are no other fees. We provide free ongoing support to all our teachers through the "teachers area" within this site. We provide teacher and workshop listings and community support in the private teacher forums.

No, we do not require attendees to sign any form of license or legal agreement apart from a Code of Conduct (insurance requirement) which you can view on this site. We are dedicated towards your success as a Life Healer and feel that such agreements tend to limit and restrict growth.

It is always wise before attending any course of this nature to ask this question first and get full details before attending.

On average men make up 20-30% of my Heal Your life Workshop partcipants.  Having men involved brings something special to the workshop and there is certainly a very great need for male teachers.  As a man you will bring a different approach and energy to your workshops and you will attract a whole different range of participants.  Many men hold back from attending these kinds of workshops because they feel they are more of a "girly thing", a male workshop leader would overcome this.  It is worth remembering that it is Ok as a man or a woman to make the decision

That is fine, you do not have to be a workshop leader after the training unless you want to.  The experience will assist you find out if this kind of work is for you. The things you learn will be helpful in all aspects of your life regardless of whether you teach or not.

Everyone has their own personal gifts, skills, style and life story.  The joy is when you do work of this nature you can bring to it all this experience.  You do not need to be a Guru or spiritual Master, infact far from it. 

Yes, you will get some practice at the training and afterwards if you want to assist on a regular "Heal your Life" Workshop then you will have the opprtunity to do so.  It is unlikely you will feel the need to but this opportunity will continue to be available to you free so that you can recap if ever you feel the need.

YES!  You will be invited to be listed on the website and to advertise your workshops there.  Gillian gives email and telephone support to all newly qualified Heal Your life Teachers.  You will be invited to advanced workshops and training if you want to add extra workshops to your repertoire or just want to reconnect with likeminded people.

Once you have completed your training and received your certificate you will be able to run 2 day workshops and will be able to obtain insurance to do so. 

The sooner you run a workshop after your training the better. Doing so will build on what you have learned and develop your confidence and personal style. 

However, you could just use some of the techniques with clients from your existing practice or in your place of work.  The skills you have learned are useful in all aspects of your life.