Am I the right type of person to run Life Healing workshops"?

Everyone has their own personal gifts, skills, style and life story.  The joy is when you do work of this nature you can bring to it all this experience.  You do not need to be a Guru or spiritual Master, infact far from it. 

The techniques you will be sharing with others are tried and tested personal awareness exercises and you will deliver them without judgement or influence.

However, the atmosphere you create within your workshops will be unique to you and you will find that you will attract people who like your particular style and have had similar life experiences. No two workshop leaders will work in exactly the same way even though the content will be the same.

This is not about preaching to others or holding yourself up as an expert (even though in your chosen field you may be) this really is about sharing what you have learned in an open safe environment.

It is important to have a good range of teachers as It "takes all kinds of people to help all kinds of people".

Please note that the only exceptions to the above are where people have not dealt with their issues/baggage first. If you suffer from depression, are on serious ongoing medication or in therapy - then it would be inappropriate for you to run workshops until you had completed those treatments and reached a place of health and emotional balance.