Will I make money from running workshops?

Following the Teacher Training you have several options open to you to increase your income:

1. Run workshops, courses or sessions. If you attract say 10 participants on your first workshop you will have already recouped your training fee. After that apart from the expenses associated with running workshops you will be in profit. You can run them on weekends and evenings allowing you to continue other work until you find your feet.

2. Diversify, add the techniques to your existing practice or offer them as an extension of your services.

3. Run Adult Education Classes at your local Adult Education Centres (please note some may require you to have PTLLS).

4. For every one of your workshop participants who come on the Teacher Training you will receive a fee to recognise your part in the learning process for that individual.

5. If you do not run workshops or have a space in between and refer someone who books onto one of mine then you will receive £25.

6. Once you have assisted at a workshop with me following your training you may be invited to assist me professionally in which case you will be paid as a fellow teacher.

Like any business, if you wish to build this into your main income generator you will need to establish yourself and a customer base and that can take time and application. You will receive what you need to get that off the ground at the training and with the support afterwards but the work will be totally down to you. It is useful if you already have a practice or other job as you can build it slowly and steadily without feeling financial pressure.