Philosophies behind Heal Your Life Training

The philosophy underpinning the workshops and Teacher Training is fundamentally that of “Science of Mind” made popular by Louise Hay in her book “You Can Heal Your Life”. It incorporates techniques from various self-help and spiritual authors such as Thomas Troward, Ernest Holmes, Frederick Bailles, Virginia Satir, Shakti Gawain, Carolyn Myss, Florence Scovel Shinn and the teachings of Abraham. The essence being to love yourself, live consciously and understand that you are a creative being.

It requires no religious or spiritual background or beliefs and incorporates a selection of dynamic self awareness techniques in one workshop under guidance. The basis of all the work is to get individuals to love and appreciate themselves and realise they have positive choices, thereby making it easier for them to make positive changes.

The aim of the workshop is for participants to reconnect with themselves, identify and release blocks and barriers to health and happiness they may be holding sub-consciously and to make healthy choices of their own. Participants are not in a therapy process but are encouraged to take the time out to explore and evaluate their own lives, open up to a more positive life experience and better ways of managing any challenges. They do this with other like minded individuals in a safe space.

These Life Healing Workshops lead participants through an opening up process to work subconsciously. It is important they feel safe and can relax and trust you to guide them through this process. It is amazing how the process can transform those who take part and in only two days.

In order to give you some background for this work I have given you brief details below of some of the key individuals who have influenced the philosophy we use but it is important to remember that these are recent influences. These individuals developed their philosophy from earlier writers and spiritual leaders dating back to man's earliest writings.

Thomas Troward  (1847 -1916) was a major influence on the works of Ernest Holmes, Frederick Bailes, Joseph Murphy and Emmett Fox, and has been quoted by numerous other writers. Read more about Thomas Troward

Dr. Ernest Holmes’s  (1887 – 1960) work in the Science of Mind is recognized today as one of the leading viewpoints in modern metaphysics. He developed a universal philosophy and tools for spiritual living. Read more about Ernest-Holmes.

Frederick Bailes (1889-1970) was born in New Zealand and educated to be a medical missionary. Just as he was completing his training he was diagnosed with diabetes, which prevented him from entering his work. Then he came across the writing of Thomas Troward and began to develop a philosophy for living which led to his complete recovery long before the discovery of insulin. Read more about Fredrick-Bailes.

Virginia Satir (1916 – 1988) is often referred to as "The Mother of Family System Therapy".  Rather than placing her focus on illness, Satir's style came to be based on personal growth. She was concerned with the health and healing of each individual human spirit by connecting with a universal life force. Read More about Virginia Satir.

Louise Hay also comes from a background of the Church of Religious Science. Through her healing techniques and positive philosophy, millions have learned how to create more of what they want in their lives, including more wellness in their bodies, minds and spirits. Read more about Louise Hay.