Visiting Teachers

Visiting Teachers / Lightworkers

Welcome fellow teacher, guide, lightworker, whatever philosophy or belief system you practice. I may not be able to see you and we may never meet but it is a joy to know that you are there and sharing your gifts with others.

 Got the training but lacking confidence to do it?

I get a lot of mail from those who have taken various workshop leader training courses but have found that they cannot quite get to the point where they run sessions, workshops or counselling.  

If you are in this position I would like to remind you that no matter what you do, you are still sharing what you have learned in your own wonderful and individual way with everyone you come into contact with regardless of whether or not you run courses or do what it was you were trained to.

For many of us the training was about our own personal growth and whenever we do work of that kind on ourselves everyone around us benefits anyway.

But, if you feel you would like to run workshops and have not yet done so (perhaps the fear is creeping in) then come and join us on the next training course, ditch the fear and just DO IT!

If you need some help or encouragement, I am right here. 

Been there, done that and have some advice to share with others?

Likewise if you have something useful or supportive to share with other like minded teachers/workshop leaders please email me and I will put your comments on the site.  I know that I am still learning too.

Have you any useful resources?

If you have produced special resources for your clients that you feel I or other teachers would like to hear about then please let me know.

  I produced  the "Heal Your Life" Chants & meditations CD and the "Heartfelt" Affirmations to Release the Past CD with the new version of  "I Love Myself the way I Am" by Jai Josefs. They have been produced specifically for use in workshops and where people cannot attend a workshop but want to gently try some processes.

As a teacher/trainer I personally tend to use the "Doors" chant & meditation from the CD as it gives me 10-15 minutes to gather my thoughts and relax at the beginning of a weekend workshop. It also means that I do not get distracted and forget to include something in the meditation, especially as this is an important opening up meditation. 
The chants work fabulously well in the workshops
they set the mood and train the mind.  the songs have been recorded by professional musicians.