Why this Teacher Training Course?

This teacher training course is the only one run by someone who actually runs workshops in the UK and has done so consistently for over 17 years.

It gives you the opportunity to train and work alongside a seasoned practitioner who has achieved proven results with her work. Gillian's work has been independently evaluated, something that was important to her with her own background of research and consultancy.

This training course provides not only the wonderful personal development aspect which in itself is extremely valuable but also provides the fundamental business requirements needed to actually run workshops once trained. In todays environment it is essential that such topics as Health and Safety for workshop leaders are covered and we do.

There is no contract to sign and no license fee. You pay once and that is all.

This training course is continually updated to contain the latest and best proven techniques. For example the original little blue book produced by Louise Hay was a useful resource but has now been superseded by the amazing work and research of Lise Bourbeau. We recognise the value and incorporate this.